Senior Advisor

  • Mauro started his professional career at the age of 24 by opening his own wine sales agency in the province of Milan. After two years of activity, the agency represented 35 different mandates and was composed of 4 agents plus a secretary.
  • Later on, he opened his own import and distribution agency on a national level with which he distributed some important Italian and foreign companies through a network of 60 representative agents. He realised the possibility of selling exclusively through distribution abroad and expanded his business in this way.
  • He then expanded his experience as a selector of Italian wines for the Asian market, working for an important Chinese-owned import and distribution company.
  • In 2016, he was selected to take on the important role of Country Manager Italy for Vivino App, which in the meantime has become the largest community of wine enthusiasts as well as one of the largest e-commerce sites worldwide. Here he continued his training at managerial level, learnt the management of an e-commerce down to the smallest details and came into contact with the major Italian wine realities, also covering the role of buyer of Italian wines for all Vivino worldwide.
  • Since 2022, Mauro has become an entrepreneur again, joining Italyorg Sales Management, one of the leading agencies at national level for wine representation and consulting for the modern channel in Italy. He also joined Centoterre, an agency for wine consultancy and representation in the online channel, as well as OMG Group, a logistics broker, and OIP (, a wine and food e-commerce company.
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